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Our family has used Jeffrey’s services in state and federal court in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Charles Parishes, and he has never let us down. Most importantly, he always gives you the time of day. He always calls you back, and is always available to meet with you.

K. Robertson, Satisfied Client

I had a very traumatic experience when I was arrested by the New Orleans police for a DWI. Thanks to Jeffrey's knowledge of the traffic court system, all charges were dropped. It may not have been a a high profile case for him, but he was always made himself available to meet me and talk to me and ease my mind.

Christine S., All Charges Dropped

Jeff Smith gave me the greatest Christmas present of my life. My case ended on a Monday at 2 a.m. December 9, 2014. The jury was out 15 minutes and returned with a verdict of Not Guilty on a charge of being a convicted felon and being in possession of a firearm. They offered me 10 years, but Jeff Smith said, "No. We'll go to trial." He's the best.

Euric V., Recent Acquittal